Grief: When will I Start Feeling Better?

One of the most devastating experiences we must endure in life is grieving the loss of a loved one. Although we have the knowledge that everyone will eventually die, and we logically understand the finality of death, no amount of information can prepare us for the devastation of the actual experience. Losing someone we love can be overwhelming. Trying to...[ read more ]

Coping with Grief Through Christian Counseling

I often receive phone calls and emails from perspective clients interested in exploring Christian counseling and what that might entail. As a licensed professional counselor I offer a wide variety of treatment options, including Christian counseling for those interested in integrating his or her faith into their counseling experience. Additionally, I offer traditional psychotherapy treatment for individuals not interested in...[ read more ]

How To Navigate Challenging Life Transitions

When we’re young, life transitions are fun and empowering. We go from crawling to walking, walking to running. We start with training wheels but soon no longer need them. As we age we graduate into higher grades and become more independent. But as adults, life transitions can feel not so fun and far from empowering, because life transitions can often...[ read more ]

Celebrating BIPOC Mental Health Month

July is BIPOC mental health month. The event was established in 2008 as the Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in an effort to create awareness of the unique struggles faced by underrepresented groups in the United States. Campbell was an author, teacher, and mental health advocate with a mission to shine a light on the mental...[ read more ]

Telehealth: The Key to the Future!

Telehealth, virtual counseling

A little over a year ago, due to the pandemic, many therapists and counselors we’re scrambling to figure out the best way to continue what we love to do: Offer our clients online counseling sessions in an effort to help them to continue to make progress while at the same time abide by the social distancing guidelines to flatten the...[ read more ]

Overcoming Perfectionism

We live in a society that values things that appear perfect. And I suppose there are things that can be considered perfect. Some examples of things that are perfect can be found in nature:  A shooting star; the sounds of nature; and a sunset. But as human beings, we can never reach a state of perfection because we will always...[ read more ]

A New season…A New You!


Spring is in the air! The days are growing longer, birds are nesting, and flowers are blooming. So, what about you? Are you blooming where you are planted? Sometimes we can’t choose the cards we’ve been dealt, but we can learn to play them. Just as flowers blooms in difficult terrain, sometimes we have to make the best of our...[ read more ]

Healthy Food & Emotional Regulation

Are you an emotional eater? When you’re feeling stressed, do you find yourself ordering in pizza? Are you an emotional eater? When you’re feeling stressed, do you find yourself ordering pizza? When something sad happens, do you drown your grief in sugary or high carb foods? If so, you’re not alone. A majority of people deal with the challenges of...[ read more ]

How Counseling Can Help You Reach Your Goals in the New Year

If you struggle to set goals, let alone reach them, you are definitely not alone. In fact, it is tho… If you struggle to set goals, let alone reach them, you are definitely not alone. In fact, it is thought that roughly 92% of the population has found it hard to stick to goals. This constant cycle of trying to...[ read more ]


Wow! Can you believe a year has gone by already? I know 2020 was a down right difficult year but reflecting on one’s past and doing some serious introspective work does the soul good. It helps you be present, mindful and appreciative of the changes in your life. It also gives you a clear, focused idea of who you are today,...[ read more ]

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