Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation

Unlike small children, who must learn to regulate their emotions, we adults are expected to manage ours, especially our negative emotions like anxiety, anger, and frustration, and to prevent negative thoughts and feelings from driving our behavior.

Still, all of us experience times when we feel emotionally overwhelmed and allow our feelings to control our actions. When this happens, we often regret the things we say or do and wish we had been able to keep those emotions in check.

There are techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing that can help us take charge of our negative emotions and ameliorate our response to emotional situations.

These techniques can also provide other benefits, like improved mood, increased feelings of self-worth, and increased empathy. If you are interested in learning more about emotional regulation take a moment and watch this TED Talk: https://youtu.be/F2hc2FLOdhI?t=6


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