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The Power of Story Telling…

The Power of Story Telling…

Everyone has a story to tell and it consists of experiences, both positive and negative, that shaped us into the people that we are. Your story is unique and is not quite like anyone else’s. It was melded together by events that span across your lifetime.

From joy to suffering and pain to triumph and to everything in between these experiences were weaved together to shape you into the person you are today.

You are a reflection of the sum total of experiences. Your beliefs about yourself, others, interpersonal relationships, and the world are a direct result of the experiences forged together to create core beliefs that can be limiting.

For example, if you experienced abandonment as a small child you may create a core belief that “I am not lovable” or “It’s my fault that people leave me”.

As a result, you may fear getting to close to others. This type of limiting belief can then lead to a negative loop that is self-sabotaging.  

Limiting beliefs tend to be embedded in our unconscious minds; therefore, it is important that you grow in self-awareness to uncover them and change the narrative.  You cannot recreate or change your past experiences; however, it is possible to change how these experiences continue to impact your day to day living.

The first step involves identifying the core beliefs that continue to limit you, impact your daily living, and behaviors.  (Please be aware this step may require the help of a professional therapist to help you explore past events).   

Second, after identifying the core belief(s) challenge it. Using the example from above, if you believe that you are ‘unlovable’ begin by identifying parts of you that are lovable such as a creative ability you might possess or willingness to help others in time of need.

If you can’t think of many positive qualities ask a trusted friend or relative to help identify your positive qualities.

The more you counteract and invalidate the negative self-talk the easier it becomes to break free from the negative loop. So remember the next time you find yourself caught up in a loop of negative self-talk remember it probably stems from a deeply entrenched core belief that can be invalidated with positive self-talk.

If you are interested in identifying and exploring the impact of core beliefs upon your day to day living please reach out for assistance.

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